Mobile Business Landing Pages FAQ

We build custom-made mobile business landing pages. Our pages are designed for smartphones users and have 1-tap phone, email and map functions. Here are some commonly asked questions about biz 411 mobile business landing pages.

Why do I need a mobile landing page?
We all know that more and more people are using smart phones to access the internet. The fact these phones have smaller screens makes it important for business owners to reorganize their websites to display nicely on the small screen.

Biz411 mobile landing pages are designed to not only fit nicely on smartphone screens, but they also anticipate the reason the smartphone user is visiting your site for and make that information readily available. We believe that since someone is using a smartphone, they are probably looking for any of the following items:

  • Address with link to Google map
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • A company description
  • A brochure or form, etc.

How does the biz411 mobile landing page know to display?
We place a small script on the server that hosts your current site. This script checks to see if the visitor to your site is using a smartphone. If they are, the script tells the smartphone to go to the biz411 mobile landing page version of your website. Once the user is done looking at the biz411 mobile landing page, they can click on the “web” button on the page and continue on to your regular website.

My website is a responsive design site, why do I need a biz411 mobile landing page?
Having a responsive design mobile website is a great thing! Well done! However, responsive design sites simply stack the website’s pages to make a longer page on the phone. The problem with this is that if your contact information is only at the bottom of the page, users will have to scroll a long way to get to your phone number. We believe that condensing all the smartphone-oriented information onto a smaller page and make big icons is a better way to go. Besides, most smartphone users expect a condensed website for smartphones anyway.

My current website is not a responsive design site. Can you build one or do you only do mobile landing pages?
Emarcom has been building websites since 1998. Although we specialize in mobile internet, we build regular websites all the time. In fact, all the sites we build today are responsive design in nature. We take on a very “hands-on” approach to building sites and are very pro-active in designing the site, organizing the content and developing the site to best meet the business objectives you may have.

Where is my biz411 mobile landing page hosted?
As part of our service, we host and maintain your Biz411 Mobile Landing page on our servers. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime and use only the latest in website hosting systems.

What do you do when you create a biz411 mobile landing page?
Our staff of designers and programmers have built countless mobile landing pages. As such, we have an expert eye in what we can repurpose from your existing site onto the new mobile site. In most cases, we have to resize/redesign the header graphic to fit on the new mobile landing page. Next, we determine what content is best suited for the page including text and images. Lastly we code the pages to meet user interface industry best practices which include keeping the file sizes of all images and code to a minimum. This is an over-simplified explanation but hopefully illustrates that there is a lot that goes into all this. But don’t worry, we do all this for you.

How is my page designed?
Your biz411 mobile landing page is based on the design of your current website. Please note that mobile pages need to load quickly and be simple in design so websites that contain a lot of graphics, motion or other items that will slow down the page performance will not be included on the biz411 mobile landing page. If you need a website or want to update your current site, we can create one for you that will include a biz411 mobile landing page.

I don’t want to pay monthly. Can I pre-pay for an entire year?
Yes. Some clients prefer to pre-pay for one year of service for their biz411 mobile landing pages. Pre-payments are offered a 10% discount.

What if I want to make changes to my biz411 mobile landing page after it’s been created?
As part of the monthly service fee, we offer to do 1 minor edit to your page each month. Minor edits include updating a file, video link, social media link, or text edits. Changes not included would be redesigning the page, changing the color palette, or adding sub-pages. Those edits can be done but for an additional fee.